Acoustic guitars handmade not fabricated in a factory

Are you in the market for acoustic steel string guitars or traditional nylon-based guitars? Going with the artisan touch is infinitely worth the wait when selecting your stringed instrument. There is no doubt that some of the big production houses are cranking out quality instruments. But, acoustic guitars handmade by skilled craftsman such as Ed Claxton and Raymond Kraut that have been perfecting their trade for years sometimes have more intangible qualities.

Slight variations of hand and differences in design finishes make each piece truly a unique work of art and like no other anywhere. Unlike their factory counterparts who cut patterns out of any section available wood, an experienced luthier will know how to coax the best music out of particular parts. They read the wood. You also don't want to discount the level of pride one has in being personally involved in the entire creation of splendid acoustic guitars. Handmade instruments used to be hard to come by for the general public. You had to know a luthier personally and commission a piece. But, now with help from, we have forged the relationship for you in looking for the best handmade guitars. You, too can own a piece of history with exquisitely made guitars from the industry's most respected artisans like Frankin (Nick Kukich), Ervin Somogyi, Jeff Traugott, Kent Hamblin, Ed Claxton, Raymond Kraut and a host of others.

Buying acoustic steel string guitars

There a few things to consider when deciding to purchase one of these beautifully unique instruments available at If you are already immersed in the types of guitars available, you probably have an opinion on which one works best for you. There are different string options which make a big difference in the type of sound you are going to get, and you should familiarize yourself withthem before choosing the guitar or other stringed instrument.

Acoustic steel string guitars - typically used in pop, rock and country western music

Traditional nylon string instruments - heard more in classical or flamenco music

Nylon string will vibrate more and the strings are wider apart. This may be an issue if you have smaller hands or thicker fingers. They flex better than steel so they can be hand-picked. Most modern guitars are made with steel strings as they are made to produce a bigger and almost metallic sound. The type of string you choose is a personal choice, but keep in mind these qualities as they may have an influence on what kind of instrument you finally settle on.

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