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Ed Claxton is one of the foremost guitar builders in the United States, and is your best bet for securing one of his famous models. The Claxton guitar line has been one of our best selling collections for years, and our goal is to help you find the perfect model at a very fair price. Just select Ed's name from the Builders We Represent tab near the top of the page to learn more about his personal history and legacy and to see which of his designs we currently have in stock. If you're looking for something specific within the best handmade guitars in the world, we're much obliged to help you. Please continue your tour of to learn even more about what we do and how we intend to exceed your expectations of service. From acoustic custom guitars to other wonderful instruments, we can help.

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Anyone can stroll down to their local music shops and pick up a factory instrument off the shelf. The shoppers who come to, however, tend to have much more discriminating tastes. They typically seek the very best handmade guitars available, often looking for rare custom built guitar models or designs from legendary builders whose production often falls behind the demand. We've developed an excellent relationship with these master builders so that we can help you minimize the wait and control the cost of acquiring these fine instruments. Whether you're looking for a Claxton guitar as is described above or another specific model from one of the masters we represent, we're eager to help you!

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