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Whether you're focused on your search or you're simply browsing for ideas, we make it easy to search and find custom hand made guitars to add to your collection or buy for the first time. We represent a number of master craftsmen, so if you are looking for an instrument from a particular builder, you may choose the builder and view what guitars we have available from that builder. Read a short bio and view images and descriptions of guitars that are available and some that have sold.

As your custom guitar maker liaison, we also make it easy for you to view guitars by categories, including Classical Guitars, New Arrivals and our Collectors Corner. You can even browse various other acoustics we have available as well as mandolins in our collection. We are a haven for collectors and musicians looking for new ways to enhance their collection or the way they play. Discovering a unique guitar is an exciting experience and we want to do what we can to help you make that happen. Our clearly marked categories and the extensive information you find on our site will help you as you explore the possibilities that are open to you. You may realize that there are more options than you originally considered. However you go about your search you'll find the information you're looking for or you can start with us on your search for a unique guitar.

Your custom guitar maker contact

Building the positive relationships we have with the builders we represent is just one way in which we can be your resource for custom hand made guitars. Viewing the guitars available in our collection is easy, but we are also available for you to contact us regarding what we carry.

If you are in the San Diego, CA area you may contact us to make an appointment and speak with us directly. If you are unable to visit us by appointment, you may email us for more information or contact us by phone. Allow us to be your expert regarding the custom guitar maker you are searching for or let us help you get started with the information you need.

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