Guitars acoustic handmade master craftsmen

If you've always wanted to own a legendary guitar crafted by one of the world's leading and most in-demand builders, can help make it happen. We're connected to an incredible lineup of guitars acoustic handmade master craftsmen from all over the world, and because of our close working relationships, we're able to secure several of each of their designs at fair prices each year. If you were to order yours directly from the builder, you would likely be placed on a waiting list that may be several years long. We encourage you to start exploring the site now to learn more about in-stock and upcoming hand made guitars from builders like Ervin Somogyi, Nick Kukich, Jeff Traugott and many others. After a few minutes of exploring, we're confident that you'll love what you see and that you'll be ready to seriously consider investing in one of these incredible instruments.

Your favorite hand made guitars

Start browsing through your options on today to choose the perfect instrument for your musical style. You can use the Builders We Represent tab at the top of the page to review our entire lineup of masters and explore their profiles for more details on their hand made guitars. Be sure to look at legends like Kent Hamblin and read more about the diverse guitar range he's producing from his one-man workshop in Telluride, Colorado. Then keep exploring for other guitars acoustic handmade master builders like Ed Claxton, who is introducing amazingly innovative designs like his 12-fret Malabar and the oversized version of his EM model.

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