Guitarists can be picky, especially those who want their guitar acoustic, custom, handmade. offers music enthusiasts the opportunity and the privilege to pick a custom handmade acoustic guitar, tailored to fit the style of quality musicians. We provide classical and acoustical guitars hand made in a variety of styles by the best craftsmen. Choose from varied selections featuring detailed inlay schemes and designer body art. Our online gallery of handmade guitars is updated daily with both new and used instruments that emanate a distinct style.

Sustain the baseline with acoustical bass guitars with steel strings, comparable to the traditional double bass viol that is often a staple in string orchestras or bluegrass bands. Bring folk, blues and rock and roll music to life with 12-string guitars or a specialty mandolin. Whatever your preference, can deliver exclusive instruments to your doorstop. Bask in the beauty of an archtop creation and admire the elegance of perfectly carved and curved hand made guitars.

Or, if you prefer a larger, classical look, opt for a flat-top version with a narrower, reinforced neck and stronger structural design. These pieces are designed to sustain additional tension of strings, ultimately producing a brighter tone and quite often, louder volume. Trust in the innovative musical solutions our established builders can provide. Luthier's collection can deliver a custom handmade acoustic guitar by distinguished luthiers to our valued customers without the wait and at builder prices. Don't delay sampling a musical masterpiece. Browse our online gallery of guitars and continue to compose music of any style.

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