Mark Blanchard customizes

When you think luthier built guitars, think Blanchard. Building one guitar at a time, this distinguished craftsman envisions his creations well before construction begins. Care, knowledge and experience back every Mark Blanchard creation as he transforms mental images into musical masterpieces. Drawing from handcraft experience that began early in his childhood, Blanchard's training in flattop and archtop building have led him to draw from a lifetime of lutherie study and practice.

The results, displayed at, feature collections of the finest tonewoods from various regions of the world. His handmade guitars and unique selections by Grit Laskin and many more established luthiers can be obtained through the professionals at Luthier's Collection. We have established and maintained a working relationship with each of our guitar makers to bring customized guitar constructions to guitarists who appreciate the beauty of sound and the look and feel of musical art.

Grit Laskin

Laskin's works have grazed the fingertips of guitar enthusiasts throughout the U.S., England, Germany, France and Japan. Grit Laskin pours passion and intricate creativity into the 12 to 14 guitars he produces each year in his shop in Toronto. From the peghead to delicately designed fingerboard inlays, his creations are not only visual masterpieces, but also artistic in nature. Laskin's notable acoustic guitar techniques have become evolutionary, reducing stress and soreness for guitarists across the world. is proud to present both new and used designed by this established luthier and artists, such as Linda Manzer, Kim Walker, Mario Beauregard, just to name a few. Browse our showroom for available stock from your desired crafter.

Mario Beauregard

Beauregard's talents in guitar construction have been guided by celebrated luthier Ervin Somogyi. The influences of his many mentors and innovative crafting skills led to the first Mario Beauregard instrument. Since the 1990s, Beauregard's guitar-making passions have delighted guitarists of any genre. Constructing in a one-man shop in Quebec, this craftsman continues to produce quality guitars while acting as a consultant in the field. is committed to bringing his creations and the works of artists such as Mark Blanchard, Jim Olson, Michi Matsuda, and more to our online gallery for purchase. Strike a chord with a rare, sophisticated instrument constructed by well-known luthiers.

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