Custom Guitar Making

Custom Guitar Making

If you have been hoping to own a custom made guitar or planning to make a purchase soon, welcome. Luthier’s Collections has a full inventory of beautifully crafted, amazing and … ready for purchase custom designed and built guitars.

Custom guitar making by the masters typically takes many months from the time you place the order to the day you finally get to try out the first notes and experience the magic. Here at Luthier’s Collection, there is no wait. Shop for a guitar that you’ll enjoy for life now and contact us to arrange a visit or discuss the details. We work with musicians and artists (guitar craftsmen) who produce unique musical instruments.

Browse the site for ideas. You can click on “Guitars from Builders We Represent” to see what our master builders have created. You’ll view a description, images and price. Visit the builder’s website to find out more about how this artisan works, finds inspiration and more. Then return to browse your options here.

We stock many acoustics, new arrivals, and the prized Montequisto Guitar. Just click the tabs to learn more.

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Custom Work from Guitar Makers

Luthier’s Collection sells a wide selection of guitars. Our skilled master craftsmen create one-of-a-kind instruments, designed to be original—destined to last many lifetimes. If this is your first visit to, welcome. Please browse the many beautiful works of art that just so happen to sound amazing and give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. Some of the guitar makers we represent include Fabrizio Alberico, Michael Bashin, Kent Hamblin, Kim Walker, and many others.

As a skilled guitarist, you’re looking for quality—that perfect sound. Luthier’s Collection can help you find that with custom guitars that exemplify the best in Luthier’s Collection. Contact us at 760.742.1808. We’d be happy to answer any questions or process your custom order.

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